Monday, November 24, 2008

Miranda is calling . . . .

Okay so I have absolutely no business thinking about what fabrics I will use for my mini Miranda. So needless to say I shouldn't be setting up the rotary mat and ironing board . . . Thanksgiving is only two days away and there is still plenty of cleaning to be done and pies to bake. I'll just cut them and then put them away until after turkey day . . . . promise . . .

Good thing I don't have enough light/medium plaids to make the little quilt Kathie recently posted. After seeing Caryn's version, I had myself convinced there was more than enough time to cut and piece one of my own between the cleaning and baking. Of course I don't have to use plaids. Kathie's original version is just as nice as the plaids. Hmmm I think there is still time to pull something from my stash and have it pieced before the bird is on the table.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yesterday's Mail

Don't you just love getting a new pattern or fabric in the mail? Yesterday's mail contained the newest Lazy Girl Pattern, the Mini Miranda.

But it will have to wait until I finish my little stars . . . the next class is tomorrow night.

Happy Stitchin!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time Flies When . . . .

Hello fellow bloggers! It seems the days slipped away from me again. I have good intentions almost daily of posting something. I formulate blog posts in my head on the way to and from work but somehow they never quite seem to make it out of my head and into the computer for posting in blogland.

The sew away weekend with the Posse was great except a few of us (mainly Caryn and me) caught some type of head cold / sinus / coughy thing that has yet to release its hold on either of us. Fortunately I think the worst is behind us and we are well on the road to recovery. I had visions of finishing numerous UFOs during the course of the sew-away. Unfortunately I didn't happen. I did manage to piece a baby quilt for charity (still needs to be quilted) and I started a rag quilt that I purchased a few years ago when rag quilts were all the rage. They were never my favorite type of quilt and still aren't. However I do recognize that there is a place for them in the quilting world -- just not my little corner of it :) I will post a picture as soon as it is complete or maybe sooner as I still need to clip the seams and then wash it, etc.

I have been working on a few things for my swap partner which need to be finished and sent by November 15th. I will post pictures once she receives them -- don't want to ruin the surprise! I am still drawn to handwork rather than sewing at my machine. Perhaps once the holidays are over and we are in the heart of winter I will be more inclined to sit at the machine. My latest projects include the Halloween redwork (although I am tempted to put that aside since Halloween is close to a year away). I have also taken to knitting those addicting little dishcloths. I have always wanted to knit a sweater for myself but am intimidated by a project of that nature so I decided to work on my knit stitches and gauge by making dishcloths. Most of the ones I have made are just the basic knit / purl stitch. However I recently completed one following a pattern and just found another pattern that requires increasing and decreasing (something I haven't done before).

Happy Stitching!

Those Who Served - Veteran's Day

Today I would like to take a moment and ask everyone to remember the Veterans who gave the greatest sacrifice of all -- their life -- for us and our country. God Bless America -- Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!