Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Friends

I know it has been quite awhile since my last post. All of flowers have been planted since my last post. I still have some maintenance to do in some of my beds. I am hopeful that the weather cooperates this weekend so I can finish.

Last week I was in Rockford, IL on business. After landing in Chicago, we began our trek to Rockford. A short distance from the plant we stopped for breakfast at a small restaurant in a strip mall. And then the torment began . . . a couple stores down from the restaurant was a sewing center. Unfortunately I was unable to stop as I was traveling with co-workers. The next night while looking for a restaurant for dinner, we past another quilt shop. This one was closed for the day so the pain was too difficult to bear. Ahh maybe someday I will be back on my own and have the opportunity to drop in a say "hello".

Last night was the first Bruce Springsteen concert for his latest tour in our area. Caryn, Sue and I had made plans to meet at the arena a few hours before the concert so we could have dinner, etc. I left work as planned and when I arrived at my truck I noticed a puddle (actually a stream) of water under it. Hmm this can't be good, I am thinking to myself. So I reach down to touch the water and try to determine what is leaking from the truck. Okay so I have no clue and I proceed to open the hood. Why I have no idea since I really don't know what I am looking for but I open it anyway. Hmm perhaps I should call DH -- no answer, call again, no answer. Okay call #1 DS. DS answers on the second ring. I explain what I see and after some troubleshooting over the phone we determine the water pump is shot. DS thinks I can make it home if I stop and pick up a gallon of water and put it in the radiator. I am not convinced but seeing as at this point I am not going to the concert, I have to figure out how to get the truck home. So I call Caryn to tell her what is going on and she immediately asks "do you want us to pick you up?" Now that might seem like a reasonable question, except that I am a good 35 minutes farther than they need to travel to get to the arena. I said that would be great except how am I getting home. I knew I could leave the truck in the parking lot overnight but I still needed to get home somehow at the end of the night. A few minutes later and we have a solution. Okay they are on their way to pick me up so we can go see Bruce. I make another call to DS to tell him I am not coming home and leaving the truck. I tell him Caryn and Sue are coming to pick me up so I can still make it to the concert. His response "wow Mom, you have good friends". I said "yes I do!"

BTW, Bruce was awesome!!!! We had a great time and are already planning to buy tickets for when he returns.

Tomorrow those good friends of mine and their DHs are going to the Wine and Blues Festival. You can be sure I will raise a toast to "Good Friends!"

Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! Remember those who gave their lives for our freedom!

Happy Stitchin!