Thursday, August 7, 2008

Old Sturbridge Village

On our way home from Maine last week, we stopped at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA. If you are ever in the area, it is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are buildings which date back to the 1800's as well as demonstrations of life during that time period. There were a few quilts and embroidery samplers on display. One of the items that caught my attention was this sewing table. It has a drawer where you could store your sewing tools and then a second drawer with a cloth bag attached which was a storage area for your sewing. I thought it was a very neat idea.
I told DH that I was going to write Norm at the New Yankee Workshop and suggest he recreate this sewing table. This way DH would be able to purchase the plans and make one for me. He didn't buy it --- oh well I tried. Maybe I can convince my brother to make one for me . . . . .
On our way out of the village DH suggested we wander through the gift shop. I think DH regretted his suggestion as soon as we entered --- there were numerous bolts of fabric of what else but the reproduction line "Old Sturbridge Village". Since I have been neglecting my Civil War Diary blocks and I probably have enough civil war reproductions to make numerous civil war quilts, I resisted the temptation to purchase any fabrics. Besides, I had a number of them in my stash already -- but don't tell DH.

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Carol Childress said...

Dear Mary:

Thank you for visiting the Village, and writing such great comments about Old Sturbridge Village. I'm glad to hear you had a positive experience!

Please come back and see us again when we have a program about quilts and quilting - I may have one scheduled for this way to find out is to use the search feature at I located this link about quilts at the Village website, which offers appraisals and history of quilts:

If you decide to use this link, and it's not current, please call me for information about who to contact. My contact info is below.

Again, thank you for visiting Old Sturbridge Village, and come back again soon!

Carol Childress
Director of Museum Affairs
Phone: 508 347-0345