Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Quilt Update, Swaps & Sightseeing

The baby quilt is finally quilted -- I decided to meander in the white spaces so that the "chain" would pop. Below are some pics of the quilting. I still need to practice meandering particularly on large quilts. I have a difficult moving the quilt and dealing with the bulk. Hence why I usually send my quilts to my long arm quilter. The binding is sewn on and should be turned over the next night or two. It is hard to tell in the photo but I took one strip of each color and pieced it together for the binding.

I joined another Doll Quilt Swap -- these ladies are awesome and are on Swap #7. Lucky for me I was able to join. This will be a bit of a challenge for me to make a quilt for my swap partner as her tastes are different than mine but I am looking forward to 'thinking outside of my box' and trying new fabrics and styles. I have two fabric lines in mind already and have been kicking around a couple of quilt patterns.

I have started a Flickr group with various photos of quilts and other things in my life. Basically my cat and lighthouses, are you surprised?

DH was on vacation last week. I was supposed to take a few days with him but the weather didn't cooperate and since he has much more vacation time than I do, I tend to be very frugal with my days. Since we hadn't made plans to go away, we decided to play tourists in NYC. Having grown up in the area you would think that there isn't anything either of us wouldn't have already done. Not true . . . neither of us have been to the Statue of Liberty. I have been around her by boat, flown over her in a plane and have even been on the island -- just never climbed to the top. Nor have we ever taken a Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan. Last Sunday we decided on a whim to take a ride into the City and book a cruise. It was a wonderful day and the weather fully cooperated. Luckily we went last Sunday as the weather yesterday was horrible here in the Northeast.

What is a cruise without a lighthouse? This little light is called Jeffrey's Hook and is located at the base of the George Washington Bridge.

A few days later we were back in the City. I really wanted to go down the shore but the weather had other ideas so we got back on the train to Penn Station, caught an uptown subway and went to the American Museum of Natural History. It is so easy to get to as the subway stop is right at the museum! This is one of my favorite museums and I have been to the Hayden planetarium many times and never get tired of either one. My brother and his family are planning to visit at Christmas. I think I will suggest we take my nephews to see the dinosaurs, insects and rocks.

I have also made more progress on my Halloween Redwork blocks (great way to spend the time on the train into NYC). The second to last one is half done! Guess I should be searching the stash and quilt shops for some Halloween themed fabrics so I can put the blocks together. It just might be finished for Halloween 2009.

Happy Stitchin!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Quilt Pictures

A few months ago, my aunt asked me to make a baby quilt for her best friend's expectant daughter. After sorting through all of my books and searching the Internet for patterns, we decided on a free pattern from Quiltpox.

Over the weekend I finished piecing the top. Now if I could only decide how to quilt it . . . .

Happy Stitchin!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Couldn't Resist Joining . . .

When I saw this post on Megan's blog, I knew I had to sign up for the challenge to finish my UFOs. I have numerous UFOs and I am hoping this will motivate me to finish at least one each month.

Kelly has tagged each of the participants to answer the following questions so we can get to know one another.

5 Things

1. My Favorite Fabric is:

Any fabric that has lighthouses or a beach theme

2. The pattern I'm most looking forward to sewing is:

The Claire Bag by Lazy Girl Designs

3. The food that is my weakness:

Lay's Potato Chips -- I can't have them in the house because the little voices inside my head taunt me until I open the bag. I can't eat just one!

4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd:

I would be a travel agent so I could travel around the world.

5. The Best "Life" Advice I know is:

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference

Not easy to live by but is has always resonated with me.

Happy Stitchin!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I'm Reading

The rain has finally left the Northeast and we were blessed with wonderful weather the first few weeks of July. Today, it feels like a hot summer day as the heat and humidity have arrived. I am not complaining though -- I love the heat! When I retire I know it needs to be near the beach and where it never snows!

I've been reading, stitching and quilting over the past couple weeks. I recently finished Happiness Key by Emilie Richards which is a great story about 4 woman living on Happiness Key in Florida. I also finished The Shack. This book is unlike any other that I have ever read. All I will say is "you should read it". The next book on my list is The House at Riverton. In the summer I love to sit on the deck and read for hours.

I have been busy working on my Halloween Redwork. Below is a picture of Block 7 which is almost complete. Only two more to go!

Happy Stitchin'