Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Someday I will learn . . .

Okay so I haven't posted quite as often as I thought I would when I declared that I was back in Blog Land but work was busy for a little longer than anticipated. Things have calmed down a bit but the calm is short lived as it will be month end again within a week! Gotta love the world of accounting and finance!

So a few weeks ago I am having a conversation with my cousin and she is telling me about a dear friend who has the cutest baby boy and oh would I consider making a quilt for this precious bundle ... the decor is a kind of tree of life . . . nature . . . theme . . . okay I say before I could stop myself, let me do some thinking and see what I come up with for colors, etc.

A few days ago I send her a link to a quilt made from the new Jungle Batiks . . very earthy tones . . . if you want to see it for yourself, visit She writes back . . hmm ... not quite what she was thinking .. see they have this tree painted in the baby's room and oh here are some links . . . so again before I can stop myself, I say well maybe we could do a family tree type thing and put in pictures of Mom / Dad / Grandparents, etc. Next thing I know I am now searching for quilt patterns with a family tree / tree of life that I can incorporate pictures of family members within the tree!

What Was I Thinking??? Obviously I wasn't thinking so if any of my fellow quilters know of a pattern that might work or that might be adapted could you send me a note?

Someday I will learn and I am praying that "someday" comes soon!

Happy Stitchin!


Allie said...

Ah, but what fun would life be without a challenge, lol. I can't think of a single pattern. Can you just make one up? Maybe browse flickr for inspiration, although that might take quite a bit of time!

Talin's Corner said...

Welcome back, Mary. I wish I could say I have a pattern for you...good luck finding one.