Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little work, a little play

Hurricane Hanna came to visit the Northeast on Saturday bringing the opportunity to spend the day quilting or cleaning the house. As a child we were not allowed to play with our friends until all of our chores were done on Saturday. Although I moved out of my childhood home over 20 years ago, those values my parents instilled are still with me. On Saturday morning, my sewing machine was calling my name but so was the dust covering my coffee table. My mother's voice was in my head "you can't play with your friends until your chores are done". So I compromised -- I spent the morning cleaning the house and then spent the afternoon sewing. I also finished up some work that needed to be completed for the committee I am chairing in our local guild. Once those were behind me, I picked up this UFO from last fall.

There is a story behind this little tote involving myself and the posse. Caryn found the fabrics at the LQS near her work. During one of the Saturday Sew Days at the firehouse last year, the four of us started this little tote. Due to the misreading of the instructions regarding the use of a strip for the bottom of the purse, the striped fabric was cut incorrectly. So three of the totes have the strip horizontal on the bag. Mine is vertical because I happen to find the same fabric online while looking for other striped fabrics for another project. I have had this fabric for months and kept looking at the bag thinking "I should finish this little tote -- but Fall is several months away so no need to finish it now." Since Fall is almost upon us I thought it was the perfect project for this past weekend. I like this tote very much and already have fabric to make it in another colorway or two.


Caryn said...

Your tote looks great! If my memory serves correctly - we did not "misread" the instructions. The yardage requirements assumed a stripe that ran the opposite direction that most stripes run and we did not have enough fabric to do it the way you did. I'm just sayin'.... I also suspect you were just smarter than the rest of us and waited to finish it until after we all bought the ruffler foot!

Lorraine said...

I know what you mean about doing the chores before you can play....I cannot sit and sew if I know the house isn't at the very least tidy.....!! I have so many things I want to achieve in my break - spring cleaning the house is one of them...but I also want to sew....so I am compromising and doing some cleaning then some stitching....LOL.....If I do one room at a time I figure I will get there eventually...although I only have a two week break and am half way thru the first week already! Yikes...time flies when you are away from work!!