Monday, February 2, 2009

Does it get any better than this?

So when I last blogged I was in sunny, Dallas, TX. Well the warmth and sunshine was short-lived as I spent last week in Toronto, Canada where the high was 15 degrees!!! Talk about a culture shock. Needless to say I spent most of last week away and sick, not a good combination. I was fortunate enough ??? to travel home on Wednesday in the middle of the snowstorm on a turbo prop plane (not my favorite way to travel). All I could think of was the theme song from Gilligan's Island -- "the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed, etc." It was a bumpy ride but we did land safe and sound 2 hours later than planned but at least we landed. The bright spot to the trip was I made progress on my Ring in the New blocks and have completed four already. I promise to post pics within the next day or so.

With all of the traveling I did in the past two weeks, I decided to spend the weekend taking care of me -- first a stone massage on Saturday with a dear friend of mine who is celebrating a milestone birthday this year. Yesterday I dug and dug through my stash looking for suitable fabrics to make the new Bunny Hill BOM. The block is prepped and ready to be appliqued over the next few nights. Last night I watched the Super Bowl game and saw Bruce perform for 12 minutes during the half time show. To NBC's credit, they showed the entire 12 minutes rather than cutting away to commercial breaks. I am surely dating myself here but I can clearly remember when the album "Born to Run" came out. In those days albums were released on vinyl. I know my boys have no idea what a vinyl album is and I am sure they would be disappointed in the crackling noise you always heard in the background from the record player. It is surely a sign of the times as I am contemplating whether I download the new album from iTunes or if I actually purchase the CD.

And for me the weekend didn't end last night -- this morning I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Bruce when he tours here in May! So I ask you, does it get any better than this for a Jersey Girl?

Happy Stitchin!

P.S. In my email today there was an update from -- Jimmy Buffet is releasing a new album and will be touring in 2009. He and the Coral Reefers will be in our area in June, August and November. Plenty of opportunities to see him again!!

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Caryn said...

Can't wait for Bruuuuccce! And Jimmy too!