Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!

Today I met a couple members of the Posse (Caryn and Sue) at the LQS. I was on the fence about spending the day shopping as there would be no one home today. An entire day to myself home alone doesn't happen often. I woke up imagining all the sewing I would get accomplished with no interruptions. But after going to workout I had a change of heart and decided to spend the day with friends shopping for fabric and picking up the quarterly wino selection at a nearby winery. When I met Caryn at the LQS this morning she gave me the fabrics she had picked up last week AND this beautiful journal. I think she knows me too well. I was so surprised and thrilled with this gift. I had wanted to take the online journaling classes with her but I knew with traveling 3 out of 4 weeks this month I would be behind before the classes even started :) Thankfully I have a thoughtful friend who made one for me. I think I am going to use it to record my lighthouse visits.


Happy Stitchin!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary - Caryn is SO SEW talented! That is absolutely gorgeous! And definitely made just for you! Florence

Kathie said...

I just saw it posted on Caryns blog had to come see if you posted about it
I love this, and it is so YOU!!!
hope next month your staying around more!!!