Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Must Be Coming . . .

I am back from my travels --- I don't mind traveling for work but this past month has been really crazy. I think I will be home for a bit before having to travel again.

This morning we had some unusual visitors at the office -- a black bear and a few deer. Now the deer are not all that unusual. We all know to be on the lookout for deer as we are exiting the complex. But a bear???? I work in an office park that has office buildings and warehouses. And while there are some wooded areas around the perimeter, it is not what I would consider home for a bear. In any event it was a nice diversion from our morning routine but it also means we need to be on the lookout for bear when we are arriving and departing.

I did manage to finish one or two of my UFO tote bags last weekend. I need to get some pics taken and posted for everyone to see. I also have to remember to bring them to the firehouse sew day this weekend for show and tell. I usually don't have show and tell as I never seem to finish anything around the time we are getting together. But since I actually finished a couple of totes in recent days . . . . now if I can only remember to bring them with me.

Happy Stitchin!

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