Friday, October 24, 2008

Musings and a New Book

Okay so it wasn't the beginning of the month for the past week and a half -- so much for my theory that I would blog more often during mid-month. This week should have been a quiet week at work -- however, my boss, who is not based in the same office (or country for that matter) as me, was in for a few days. Suffice it to say it was a rather intense week and I am now paying for it as I left work early today as I am not feeling well. What is even more disappointing is that even after taking some medicine and sleeping for the better part of the afternoon, I am still not feeling well. Not to mention that there is absolutely nothing on daytime television worth watching!

Fortunately for me the postman brought a package today so at least I have a new book to browse. Upon first review it looks like a good reference book to have if you are interested in creating photo quilts or anything that incorporates fabrics and photos.

I have made two photo quilts --- both of which were wedding gifts and incorporated various photos from the happy couples' lives both before and after they met. Unfortunately with the crash of my hard drive earlier this year I lost the photos of the second quilt so I cannot post any of them. However I will have to dig through my photo CDs and find the pictures from the first quilt. On my never-ending list of projects is a photo quilt incorporating the lighthouse photos I have taken during my travels.

I did manage to remember that Oprah was on this afternoon. Her guests today included Jeff Bezos, founder. They were promoting the new Kindle which is an electronic book created by Jeff Bezos. I am jealous as they gave one to everyone in the studio audience. It is not cheap but it does look like a very cool gadget. Techie gadgets are my other downfall besides quilting. In fact, my oldest DS has the same tendencies with techie toys and we decided long ago that it is VERY dangerous for the two of us to be in a store like Best Buy or Circuit City together. Inevitably we are walking out with something that we can't possibly live without and usually don't need. I don't dare mention this new gadget to him since Borders and Barnes & Noble are other stores that we spend lots of time and lots of $$$ in when we are together. Can you imagine the trouble we would get into with an electronic book device???? If it wasn't so expensive and if DH and I had already decided we were not spending lots of money for Christmas this year, I would add it to my Christmas list. I am sure, as with every new technological gadget, the price will come down and the product will improve. I think I can live without the Kindle for now.

Happy Stitchin!

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