Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dear Baby Jane or Nearly Insane?

Sometimes I think I need to go back to school and learn how to say "no". The Dear Jane quilt has been on my project list for a few years but I haven't really given it serious thought as I always considered it a "once in a lifetime" project and figured I would start on it when I retired 20 years from now. I had become somewhat serious about it again after seeing the original Dear Jane quilt on display in Vermont in 2006. But then other projects became a priority or more interesting and the Dear Jane quilt moved down the project list.

One of my dilemmas in starting this project was what fabrics to use -- 30's, civil war reproductions, batiks, two colors, etc. The time has come to resolve that dilemma as you will see from my sidebar I have signed on for the Dear Baby Jane blog group. In addition, I am participating in Megan's sewing group. So last night I resolved the fabric dilemma:

After making that decision, I was feeling confident and moved onto selecting fabrics for the first block in the Dear Baby Jane blog group. I even pulled out the book and freezer paper to trace the templates for hand piecing. And then my motivation ended, it was getting late and I was feeling tired from a long day at work so I packed up everything. I went to sleep with every intention of waking up earlier so I could piece before I went to work. Ah, but the sound of the rain and the dark, gloomy day made catching a few more minutes of sleep seem more enticing than waking up early to hand piece. I could always piece the block tonight. . . . so if I stay true to my promise to myself, I will post my progress tomorrow.


Anina said...

Come come now! You can do this! Are you hand piecing or machine piecing?
I'm waiting to see that block tomorrow. :-)

Kathie said...

good for you!
can't wait to see your blocks!
I am doing mine with reproductions from the 1800's...